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About US

Our Story Last Updated Nov 16 2018

With over 20 years of experience in the retail and restaurant business, we find that to have a successful business you need to have the right data available and analyze it keep trying many marketing channels and watching our sales data carefully but ae you sure that your software really giving you the right data.

We keep switching from system to system and use multi-software then we get a lot of gaps between all of them because they not talk to each other’s and it was hard to use hard to switch from system to other trying to make reports and linking all those data together we never find what we looking for


After years of trying hundreds of different systems on the market, we decided to move on and build our own software covers every business angle. Our system is without gaps, is easy to read, and is easy to use. The aim of the system is to give you the full picture of your business so you can make the right decision to improve your business.


We sat with a lot of retail, business and restaurant owners to analyze what problems they were facing with the systems that they were using. All respondents commented on the missing data that they needed as well as not being able to see what issues their business faced as a result of this missing data.