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Delivery Management System

Dimensions Cloud-Based POS offering a delivery management system to control your delivery orders in a better way and avoiding late delivery.

Great Point Of Sale App

Simplify Complicated Operation

Track new orders placed throw call center, e-commerce, or mobile apps and mark them ready after you prepared them then go to the next step and assign them to the driver once it delivered mark them as delivered with an easy-to-use interface. 

Customer Management

New Order

Start preparing all orders you received throw the call center, website, mobile apps in a single screen and avoid opening multi-tabs to simplify your delivery operation and avoid missing orders or delayed orders.

Customer Management

Waiting For Pick

Start assigning orders to your drivers with the options to assign multi orders to a single driver and after a busy day you can easily manage cash with each driver and know how many orders he delivered cash or paid online and the speed of delivery. 

Customer Management

Dispatch Screen and KDS

Dimension giving a lot of advanced options to simplify your operation including the KOT App, KDS, and dispatch screen to you can print remotely from the call center into your store by using our cloud-based printing app (KOT) or even manage multi kitchens in a single restaurant with help of dispatch screen to collect the right order for each customer and avoid mistakes. 


The quickest way to accelerate your business growth

Boost your store sales up to 70% by using our cloud-based solution.