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Dine-in & Reservation For Restaurant POS System

Manage your tables and learn more about your restaurant like where customers prefer to set, how long they set in your restaurant, how many covers or reordering and so much more.

Great Point Of Sale App

Restaurant POS System Simplify complicated Table management

The most advanced QR ordering you will ever see is to reduce the number of waiters and give your customers an amazing experience by self-ordering, self ask for the bill, self split bill, and pay, calling the waiter, and much more.

Customer Management


Keep your restaurant or coffee shop fully booked and manage your guests in a better way, Dimensions has no border like you have in your current system.

Customer Management

Add New Reservation

It`s very easy to add reservations and confirm them by our automated system to remind your guests and confirm their booking, you can also ask about our online booking system.  

Customer Management

Running Order

make sure that all tables are paid and closed with our advanced reporting and running orders you will never get missing money in the cash drawer.


The quickest way to accelerate your business growth

Boost your store sales up to 20% by using our cloud-based solution.