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Feedback Management System

The best way to improve your business is to listen to customers feedback and as it`s so hard to ask each customer overall the channels your have like (walk-in - take away - delivery - carhop - online) about them feedback, now it becomes very sample with easy to share feedback link and SMS integration you can customized your questions and get feedback with the advanced dashboard to analyze.

Great Point Of Sale App

Simplify Feedback Answers

Customers don`t really want to go throw long forms and trying to reply to your questions, so we made things easier by selecting 1 from 5 smiles for each quetion to make easy to submuit thier feedback in a few seconds.

Customer Management

Add New Feedback

Create your own feedback questions and even translated into many languages, our feedback page is totally responsive so you can share it in any website or use it in Kiosk stand in your store or even send it by SMS.

Customer Management

Feedback Details

It becomes easy to know about unhappy customers and contact them to try to retun them back by offering a discount or promising better experince or offer free order.


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