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Loyalty Program

Setup your loyalty program as you wish without any limitation and keep your customers loyal to you, All you need is a customer name and mobile number to enroll him in your loyalty program don`t print paper cards and keep stamp it after today.

Great Point Of Sale App

Simply create your loyalty program 

Dimensions Cloud Base offers unlimited options to control your loyalty program, earning and spending even you can exclude any categories or items and all with few clicks.

Customer Management

Add New Loyalty Program

As our cloud-based software built to manage a chain of stores all over the world, we are giving you the ability to setup multi Loyalty programs to match the country you're operating in and help you to keep your customers loyal to your brand.

Customer Management

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points for each customer linked to our CRM with sample search you can get all data for earning and spending over loyalty points, that`s not all your cashier can redeem customer points with easy search by phone number and it`s integrated into our E-commerce system and mobile apps.


The quickest way to accelerate your business growth

Boost your store sales up to 70% by using our cloud-based solution.