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Dimensions for Retail:
Sell more, worry less.

Stay on top of your tables

Most Speed POS System for retail

Ring up a sale in seconds by scanning a bar code or searching with a keyword. Then attach a customer or card on file to the sale for a seamless—and fast—checkout.

Keep your customers updated

With our advanced CRM system linked to our loyalty system, feedback, SMS, and customer insights you can improve your store sales by 70% at least.

Coursing that keeps chefs

Track sales, covers, and customers

Run reports for sales, comps and voids, covers, revenue centers, and more so you can turn customers into regulars while reducing costs.

Get data out of every transaction

See data on individual sales executive or cachierto find out who’s performing and who needs more training—all with your POS software.

Tools to save you time and streamline your


(Walk-in + Dashboards + Setting)

Customer Relations Management

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